RFID required in Seattle and Tacoma harbors

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Beginning Jan. 1, 2019, you will need an RFID (radio frequency identification) tag to enter international terminals in both Seattle AND Tacoma. Your sticker will no longer be accepted.

If you already have an RFID tag in Seattle, it will also work in Tacoma. You do not need to buy another RFID tag.

You will need an RFID tag to enter:


  • Terminal 18
  • Terminal 30


  • Pierce County Terminal (PCT)
  • Washington United Terminals (WUT)
  • Husky Terminal

How to register your RFID tag

RFID testing

Your RFID tag must be fully registered in eModal with your truck’s current information.

STEP 1: Register your company at eModal.com.

STEP 2: Add driver and truck information to the eModal system.

STEP 3: Purchase an RFID tag. Each tag costs $103, plus additional fees, and must be purchased online with a debit or credit card at eModal.com.

STEP 4: Once you receive the tag, register it at eModal.com. (The tags must be registered for them to work.)

STEP 5: Install your tag. Your account must be updated with your new VIN and license plate number.

*** When entering the terminals, please make sure you have only one RFID tag in your truck. If you have more than one tag, you could be subject to a red light and be turned away at the gate.***


Is your RFID fully registered with eModal?

Go to eModal.com and register your VIN and plate number.

Did you move your RFID from another truck?

Go to eModal.com and update the account with your new VIN and plate number.

Is your RFID running low on battery?

Go to eModal.com and order a new tag. Once it arrives, register it with eModal.

Is your RFID battery dead?

Go to eModal.com and order a new tag. Once it arrives, register it with eModal.

You will be turned away at the gate if you:

  • Do not have an RFID tag
  • Have an incomplete registration on eModal (e.g. no VIN attached to tag, no driver attached to tag)
  • Have a dead battery on your existing RFID tag

If you have any questions, go to eModal's online help center or contact eModal helpline at 866-758-3838 or helpdesk@emodal.com.