A tugboat pulling a container ship.

From development activity to ongoing terminal operations, environmental stewardship is integrated into all aspects of our organization. In collaboration with our customers, tribal, government, and industry and community partners, we strive to integrate an ethic of environmental stewardship, responsibility and sustainability into all that we do.

Improving Air Quality

We are doing our part to help address the urgent challenges of global climate disruption. Our Clean Air Program works to reduce air and climate pollution from seaport-related activities with the goal of delivering healthier air for local communities. Learn more.

Protecting Water Quality

Our gateway encompasses two natural, deep harbors. Our Clean Water Program embodies a protection and improvement ethic—for salmon, orca, and all species who call these harbors home. Learn more.

Advancing Sustainable Practices

Our robust environmental initiatives work to continuously address issues of sustainability through programs that protect shoreland properties, wildlife habitat and public spaces. Learn more

Reducing air pollution

Since its implementation in 2019, the Clean Truck Program helps reduce diesel particulate matter emissions by up to 90% per truck.

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