Breakbulk Cargo

Special cargoes require special attention

Non-containerized cargo fills an important role in The Northwest Seaport Alliance’s diverse business portfolio. Cargo volumes through our gateway have seen a marked increase in recent years with a 42% increase in annual tonnage from 2016 to 2018.

The NWSA serves a wide range of breakbulk customers from both European and Asian markets, with cargo varying from construction and mining equipment to rail cars and helicopters.

Most NWSA breakbulk business is handled at the South Harbor EB-1 facility. This facility offers features necessary to meet the demanding needs of breakbulk customers, such as on-dock rail and an incredibly strong pier. Additionally, the location is uniquely situated to take advantage of other port businesses such as a near terminal off-dock high and heavy vehicle processing center and the new Taylor Way Auto Facility.

The uniqueness of this business requires labor partners who possess handling skills as different as the cargo coming through the terminal. Our partners at ILWU Local #23 exemplify our “Best-in-Class” customer service.

EB1 Gate Schedule

View the 14-day gate schedule for East Blair One Terminal.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find information on my non-containerized cargo (breakbulk, project, heavy-lift, autos)?

For questions about breakbulk, project or heavy-lift cargo, contact NWSA customer service:

  • Lead Freight Coordinator – 253-383-9424
  • Export – breakbulk: 253-428-8694 / 253-383-9429
  • Import – breakbulk: 253-383-9424 / 253-9429

Breakbulk and auto questions can also be directed to the shipping line transporting your cargo:

  • EUKOR (Wilhelmsen Ship Service): 206-652-4411
  • Hyundai-GLOVIS (Wilhelmsen Ship Service): 206-652-4411
  • “K” Line – Auto Carrier (“K” Line America): 206-421-4750
  • MOL – Auto Carrier (Norton Lilly): 206-622-6250
  • NYK Line – Auto Carrier (Inchcape Shipping): 206-527-7451
  • Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics (Norton Lilly): 206-622-6250
  • World Logistics Service/WLS (Norton Lilly): 206-622-6250

How much will it cost to load my truck at the breakbulk terminal?

If the cargo is driveable or trailerable:

  • $10.28/MT

If the cargo is not drivable or trailerable, then the following fees would apply to non-rolling (static) cargo based on weight:

  • 0-15MT: $20.05/MT
  • 15-27MT: $31.61/MT
  • 27-40MT: $39.32/MT
  • 40-46MT: $41.31/MT
  • 46-52MT: $48.76/MT
  • 52+MT: $97.52/MT

Cargo longer than 25ft: $34.70/MT

  • More than 55MT: To lift anything over 55MT, the port will need to order an outside crane.
  • Contact Mitch Hutchison or WIll Routley for details.


Download the 2020 Tariff Truck rates.


Please note: With all static cargo, an outside crane may be necessary due to the cargo's dimensions, center of gravity or other factors. Contact Mitch Hutchison or WIll Routley for details.

What do I need to bring with me when picking up or dropping off breakbulk cargo?

Once your order is processed, either you or your dispatcher will be emailed a link to documents. Print them and bring them with you to our terminal.

Will I be turned away if I don't have the correct paperwork?

Yes, you will need to leave the terminal without picking up or dropping off cargo. Call the Port of Tacoma Customer Service Office at 253-592-6750 for assistance. You or the dispatcher will then receive a link via email. Download the document and print it out.