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Finding solutions and creating opportunities is the name of the game. Our Business Development team specializes in container, breakbulk and intermodal business and manages a large facet of the supply chain. This dynamic team draws on diverse expertise and backgrounds with international experience and is ready to deliver best-in-class service to our customers. Contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping containerized cargo

How do I find information about my container?

The NWSA leases container terminals to private terminal operators. Find the status of your container on the terminal operator's website (login information is usually required), or contact the terminal operator or shipping line directly. You will need the container number or bill of lading. Find contact information and website links for our container terminals and links to the ocean carrier websites.

How do I get a quote to ship my containerized cargo?

If you know the shipping line you will be using, contact the ocean carrier directly. If you don’t know the carrier, contact a third-party logistics for more information. Find local freight forwarders in our Service Provider directory. Search for “Freight Forwarder.”

How do I purchase or lease a used container?

The NWSA does not sell or lease freight containers. For more information, contact a freight container sales and leasing company.  

Can I travel on a container ship?

Contact the individual ocean carriers for more information. Find a list of the shipping lines serving NWSA facilities on our ocean carriers page.

Shipping non-containerized/breakbulk/RoRo cargo

How do I get a quote to ship my non-containerized/breakbulk cargo?

The NWSA operates the East Blair One and Terminal 7 breakbulk facilities. To request a quote to move your breakbulk, project or heavy-lift cargo, use our Breakbulk Quote form.

How do I find information on my non-containerized cargo (breakbulk, project, heavy-lift, autos)?

For questions about breakbulk, project or heavy-lift cargo, contact NWSA customer service:

  • Lead Freight Coordinator – 253-383-9424
  • Export – breakbulk: 253-428-8694 / 253-383-9429
  • Import – breakbulk: 253-383-9424 / 253-9429

Breakbulk and auto questions can also be directed to the shipping line transporting your cargo:

  • EUKOR (Wilhelmsen Ship Service): 206-652-4411
  • Hyundai-GLOVIS (Wilhelmsen Ship Service): 206-652-4411
  • “K” Line – Auto Carrier (“K” Line America): 206-421-4750
  • MOL – Auto Carrier (Norton Lilly): 206-622-6250
  • NYK Line – Auto Carrier (Inchcape Shipping): 206-527-7451
  • Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics (Norton Lilly): 206-622-6250
  • World Logistics Service/WLS (Norton Lilly): 206-622-6250

How much will it cost to load my truck at the breakbulk terminal?

If the cargo is driveable or trailerable:

$14.03/1,000 kgs

If the cargo is not drivable or trailerable, then the following fees would apply to non-rolling (static) cargo based on weight:

0-15MT: $26.29/1,000 kgs

15-25MT: $40.80/1,000 kgs

25-35MT: $50.48/1,000 kgs

35-45MT: $84.80/1,000 kgs

45+MT: $123.52/1,000 kgs

Cargo longer than 25ft: $44.68/1,000 kgs

More than 55MT: To lift anything over 55MT, the port will need to order an outside crane. Contact Will Routley for details.

Download the Tariff Truck rates.

Please note: With all static cargo, an outside crane may be necessary due to the cargo's dimensions, center of gravity or other factors. Contact Will Routley for details.

How do I schedule a pickup of my personally owned vehicle?

To coordinate the pickup of your personally owned vehicle, contact our breakbulk customer service staff at 253-383-9429 or 253-383-9430. 

General shipping

How do I ship through the ports?

For an overview of importing and exporting, and links to resources, see our First-time Shipper Guide.

What regions does The Northwest Seaport Alliance have services to?

We have direct services to Asia, Europe, South America and Oceania. View our vessel rotation schedule for a complete list of services. View the ocean carriers page for additional information. 

What vessels are in port? When will my vessel arrive or depart?

Find estimated vessel arrivals and departures in our Vessel Schedule

Our vessel schedule includes the container, bulk and breakbulk vessels scheduled at to call at our facilities. We do not track fishing vessels, cruise ships or the boats that dock at our marinas. The report is updated as new information is received. Actual vessel arrival dates and times may vary.

How do I ship my cargo by rail?

For assistance shipping your cargo domestically by rail, contact an Intermodal Marketing Company (IMC). IMCs provide domestic cargo booking services with the railroads, and will coordinate the rail rate with a truck rate at origin and destination. Local IMCs may also coordinate transloading to and from international containers, and most companies also offer truck brokerage services.

How do I ship my cargo by air?

Learn more about shipping your cargo by air through Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on the Port of Seattle’s website.

Where can I find the rates and charges for shipping?

Find links to the Seattle and Tacoma harbor's tariff documents for the rates, charges, rules and regulations for services performed by participating terminals. 

If you are looking for the foreign trade zone tariffs, find FTZ Tariff No. 9 for FTZ No. 5 on the Port of Seattle’s website and the FTZ Zone Schedule for FTZ No. 86 on the Port of Tacoma’s website.

How do I ship my personal or military personnel vehicle?

You will need to coordinate the shipment with a company that specializes in shipping personal and military personnel vehicles. This listing of privately-owned vehicle shipping companies is provided for information purposes only.

How do I ship my personal belongings or household goods domestically or internationally?

For assistance shipping your personal belongings and household goods, we recommend contacting the following providers for more information. 

Ship to Alaska

Contact the following providers for more information about shipping to Alaska: 

Ship to Hawaii

Contact the following providers for more information about shipping to Hawaii:

Ship to international or domestic destinations

Contact the following providers for more information about shipping to domestic or international destinations. If you are shipping internationally, you will be required to complete the U.S. Customs paperwork.

How do I contact U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the U.S. Department of Agriculture?

How do I recover merchandise that has been seized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection?

Contact Customs at 206-553-1581 or

What are the firm codes for NWSA terminals?

North Harbor (Seattle)

  • Terminal 18: X117
  • Terminal 30: Y197
  • Terminal 46: X127

South Harbor (Tacoma)

  • APM Terminals: X335
  • Husky Terminal: Z693
  • Olympic Container Terminal: Y316
  • Pierce County Terminal: X215
  • Totem Ocean Trailer Express: X339
  • Washington United Terminals: Z705

Finding service providers

How do I find a customs house broker?

Customs house brokers assist shippers in meeting federal requirements governing imports and exports. Find local customs house brokers in our Transload Matrix and  Service Provider directory. Search for “Customs House Broker.”

How do I find a freight forwarder?

Freight forwarders can arrange the import or export of your cargo. Find local freight forwarders in our Transload Matrix and Service Provider directory. Search for “Freight Forwarder.” 

What warehouses, distribution centers and transload facilities are in the Puget Sound region?

Find warehouse, distribution centers and transload facilities in the Puget Sound region in our Transload Matrix and Service Provider directory. Search for “Warehouses.” 

How do I find a trucking company or trucker?

Find trucking companies serving our harbors in our Transload Matrix, Drayage Providers list and Service Provider directory. This list is not an endorsement of the firms listed.

Which shipping lines serve the NWSA?

More than 20 international shipping lines, as well as representing all of the major carrier alliances, offer weekly vessel service at NWSA terminals. We also have several domestic shipping lines serving Alaska and Hawaii, and breabulk and Ro/Ro carriers offering regular service. See all ocean carriers, services and ports of call, and the rotation schedule