2022 AOP Culvert Grant Application

The Port of Tacoma and the Northwest Seaport Alliance seek $2 million in Federal Highway Administration grant funding for the design and permitting of a solution to an aging culvert that presents a serious barrier to aquatic connectivity between Puget Sound and Wapato Creek. Addressing the Wapato Creek culvert and outfall at the Pierce County Terminal will improve aquatic connectivity for an important Puget Sound habitat.  A new outfall solution will expand on recent restoration work on Lower Wapato Creek reducing the risk of localized flooding while protecing safe and resilient terminal operation.

Completed Lower Wapato Creek Habitat Project

The Lower Wapato Creek Habitat located at 1131 E Alexander Ave. in Tacoma (between 12th Street East and State Route 509 near Alexander Avenue) is a partner project to the application project and would complete the fish passage restoration. This link offers more information and is referenced in the application narrative.

Lower Wapato Creek Habitat Project | Port of Tacoma