2020 PIDP Grant Application Terminal 5

Terminal 5 Modernization Project: Investing in the region's future

Terminal 5 is poised to be a cornerstone of economic activity in the Pacific Northwest and one of our nation’s premier trade infrastructure assets. Modernization of Terminal 5 will revitalize the underutilized facility—vacant since 2014 due to its inability to handle ships with a capacity of more than 6,000 TEUs—to a state of good repair, improving the safety, reliability, and efficiency of moving goods through the Pacific Northwest.

Download the NWSA's application for the Port Infrastructure Development Program (PIDP) grant.

Supporting documents  

Appendix A1 NWSA April and May 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

Appendix E1 PIERS Data Imports and Exports – 2015 through 2018
Appendix A2 Letters of Commitment Appendix E2 PIERS Data Imports and Exports by Commodity Type - 2019
Appendix B1 Benefit Cost Analysis: Baseline Appendix E3 PIERS Data Summary
Appendix B2 Benefit Cost Analysis: Baseline + Terminal 5Project Appendix F1 Terminal 5 Anticipated Historical Pavement Thickness
Appendix B3 Benefit Cost Analysis Report Appendix F2 Terminal 5 FWD Exploration Deflection Contour Map
Appendix C Project Cost Estimates NWSA Economic Impact Analysis
Appendix D Terminal 5 Cargo Wharf Rehabilitation, Berth Deepening, and Improvements Final Environmental Impact Statement Volume I and Volume II (2016) Letters of Support