Awarded Contracts

State law requires that ports with more than $10 million in annual gross revenue make all awarded contracts available for public review (RCW 53.08.440).

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Awarded Contracts
Contract # Vendor Name Title Start Date
071523 Gordon Tilden Thomas & Cordell, LLC Legal Support Services
071378 DKS ASSOCIATES On-Call Grant Support-DKS
071377 STANTEC CONSULTING SERVICES INC On-Call Grant Support Stantec
071376 STARCREST CONSULTING GROUP LLC On-Call Grant Support Starcrest
071301 WORKTANK ENTERPRISES LLC NWSA Video Production & Webstreaming
071279 JONES LANG LA SALLE BROKERAGE, INC NWSA Strategic Consulting Services
071145 INTERPERSONAL FREQUENCY LLC NWSA Website Design, Development, Maintenance & Support Services
071096 PINNACLE MARKETING GORUP Supplemental Writing & Editing Support Services
070994 JAYRAY Marketing & Advertising Support Services
070974 OPPORTUNITY FUND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT Community Developmentn Financial Institution (CDFI) Clean Truck Fund Progrma Support Services