UWL/SWIRE Shipping, Hyundai GLOVIS, and Rail Management Services win North Star Awards from The Northwest Seaport Alliance

North Star Award Winners

The Cargo Anchor Award is presented to an organization whose activities have grown cargo volumes in the NWSA gateway, spurring economic growth in the region. This year, two organizations rose to the top as key contributors to cargo volumes in the Pacific Northwest.

GLOVIS America is the logistics provider for Hyundai and KIA automobiles. In 2022 the Tacoma Harbor was selected as their gateway of choice in the Pacific Northwest to meet their current logistics needs as well as in the future. This expanded partnership has increased automobile volumes through the NWSA gateway contributing to a 125% increase since last year. GLOVIS automobile volumes account for 61% of all auto imports in the NWSA gateway and support 205 direct jobs in our local community. 

UWL, in collaboration with Swire Shipping, pioneered the Sun Chief Express, connecting Ho Chi Minh City to Seattle. With a transit time of just 18 days, it is the fastest overall option from Vietnam to the US available. For exporters, the service includes a direct westbound call to Busan, Korea, and offers premium refrigerated service for high-demand commodities including cherries, potatoes, and protein. In its first full year of operation in Seattle, the Sun Chief Express transported over 16,000 import loads and, 1500 exports through the NWSA.

To compliment the Sun Chief Express, UWL’s parent company, World Group, also opened a new warehouse facility in Tacoma and acquired a drayage company to provide additional services for its customers. Combined, they now support over 100 full-time jobs in the Pacific Northwest, actively contributing to local economic growth.

“Hyundai GLOVIS, UWL, and Swire Shipping are tremendous partners with The Northwest Seaport Alliance. It is their vision and dedication to efficiency and innovation that helps drive cargo growth and job opportunities across our region,” stated Deanna Keller, NWSA Co-Chair and Port of Tacoma Commission President.

The Environmental Stewardship Award recognizes businesses that support the continued health of the environment while promoting trade and economic development. Rail Management Services (RMS) runs the South Intermodal Terminal, and in 2020, RMS, through private investment of roughly $1.3 million, coupled with grant funding from the U.S. EPA Diesel Emission Reduction Act (DERA) and Tacoma Power's Cargo Material Handler and Hostler Trucks Program successfully launched a zero-emission cargo handling project.

RMS converted six Tier 3 diesel yard hostlers to electric. Today, all six Orange EV yard hostlers are deployed, reducing emissions by 628,874 pounds of CO2. An estimated 4 million pounds of CO2 will be eliminated over the project's 12-year lifespan. This initiative aligns with Carrix's sustainability and decarbonization goals, and supports the NWSA’s Northwest Ports Clean Air Strategy.

“Rail Management Services is an industry leader in environmentally focused operations. We were pleased to partner with RMS to launch the first zero-emission cargo handling equipment in our gateway and we look forward to expanding the use of electric equipment at the South Intermodal Yard and across our terminals in the future.” stated Sam Cho, NWSA Co-Chair and Port of Seattle Commissioner President.

In addition to the North Star Award winners, The Northwest Seaport Alliance also recognizes Honorable Mention nominees. This year, JB Hunt earned this distinction in the cargo anchor award category. In 2022, JB Hunt, in partnership with the BNSF, launched a new transload operation which is growing intermodal cargo volumes in the South Harbor. The South Intermodal Yard facility has increased intermodal lifts nearly 12% since the start of 2022.

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