Starting Monday 10/10/22 there will be changes to the bypass lane. The following protocols will come into effect: 

  • Only Bobtails will be able to utilize the bypass lane.
  • Updated Sign will to be posted advising of where to go.
  • All chassis (OWN as well) will need to go through the out-gate lanes.
  • Any TPNP (TRAC), or DCLI/DCLP (DCLI) chassis found bypassing the out gate. The driver will be suspended for 2 weeks (working days).
  • Terminal will not give suspensions for OWN chassis that accidently use the bypass. However, driver will be given a warning.
  • In heavy out-gate congestion the bypass lane can be opened to Bobtails, and OWN chassis. To be determined by Terminal management.

Map of Bypass Lane: 

Bypass Lane Map


New Bypass Sign:

New Bypass Lane Sign