SSA Terminals Seattle - Temporary Storage Charge:

Please be advised, effective Wednesday, December 1st, SSAT must implement a temporary storage charge in addition to the normal port demurrage charges on all import loaded containers discharged from ships at Terminals 5,18, and 30 as stated below. As with other ports on the West Coast who either have already implemented additional storage charges or will soon be doing so, the failure of importers picking up their containers in a timely manner has created severe congestion issues that has prevented terminal operators from properly servicing vessels destined for their terminals.  We sincerely hope the additional storage charge will encourage cargo owners to pick up their containers which will allow the terminals in Seattle to again properly service vessels destined to our port and once that has been accomplished, the temporary storage charges will cease.

A. Extended Dwell Time Fee – Applicable at Terminal 18, Terminal 30 and Terminal 5 in Seattle: In order to recover increased operating and storage costs incurred as a result of congestion caused by containers left on the terminal for extended periods of time, the following fee (the “Extended Dwell Time Fee”) will apply on a temporary basis to all loaded import containers, in addition to existing demurrage and port tariff fees:

(1).      No charges for free time (up to five days after a container is available for delivery);

(2).      $50 per day for the next five days of storage thereafter (days 1-5 after free time);

(3).      $75 per day for the next five days of storage thereafter (days 6-10 after free time);

(4).      $100 per day for the next five days of storage thereafter (days 11-15 after free time); and

(5).      $150 per day for any days thereafter.

B. Applicability; Payment of Fee. Empty containers and export loaded containers will not be subject to the Extended Dwell Time Fee. The importer of record in the shipping documents will be responsible for paying or arranging payment of the Extended Dwell Time Fee by check, money order, wire transfer, or any other methods, and pursuant to instructions provided by Operator through the Forecast website. Once the fee has been paid, the container will show as available in Operator’s container tracking system. Appointments on import lanes may not be made until the fee has been paid and the container is showing as available on the Forecast web site.  Waivers, refunds and appeals of the Extended Dwell Time Fee will be handled in accordance with Section 18(D) and (E) of this Schedule.