The Northwest Seaport Alliance Managing Members approve Resolution guiding future uses of Terminal 46 in the North Harbor

Terminal 46 is a key maritime property located in The Northwest Seaport Alliance’s (NWSA) North Harbor. Previously a two-berth container terminal with regular ocean carrier service, Terminal 46 has become an active near-dock storage yard for container storage and the Pacific Maritime Association’s training facility since mid-2021.

With various proposed maritime uses, NWSA Managing Members adopted Resolution No. 2023-02 to provide policy guidance to staff and stakeholders on future uses of Terminal 46 and surrounding properties licensed to the NWSA.

“As Managing Members, we are charged with setting the policy direction for maritime assets in the North and South harbors. Terminal 46 is an important maritime property that must be put to the highest and best use, ensuring the safety and security of our waters while promoting cargo and job growth in our gateway,” stated NWSA Co-Chair, Deanna Keller.

“Passing this resolution is an important step to advance conversations with key maritime stakeholders. We look forward to Terminal 46 and the surrounding properties continuing to support the U.S. Coast Guard’s important mission while expanding cargo activities in the North Harbor,” stated NWSA Co-Chair Sam Cho.

Read the adopted Resolution here.

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