From the Washington State Department of Transportation:


 WSDOT is asking for your help in ensuring the state’s emergency online Commercial Vehicle Pass System is effective and useful during a major emergency road closure.

 The pass system ( provides a way for truck drivers to obtain passes to restricted detours during road closures or other emergencies. The passes are required to access some detours and will be given based on priority of cargo and needs. We’d like to test this system next month to ensure it’s working well and to iron out any potential glitches before emergency passes are needed. We need your help to do this.

 Our live test will be Sept. 30 and we’d like drivers, dispatchers and trucking managers  to participate to ensure it works smoothly for all truck drivers and companies who will need emergency detour access during an emergency. The objective is to test and evaluate the system from start to finish, from initial activation and notification to truck drivers being issued passes. You do not need to travel to take part; all of the test can be done from your normal desk or work station. WSDOT Emergency Operations Center personnel will monitor the test from their headquarters in Olympia.

Event: Test the online Commercial Vehicle Pass System through a live activation

When: September 30, 2015. Exact times are still being determined, but the exercise will last approximately 1-2 hours

Where: Your office. (We’ll monitor from our headquarters in Olympia but you can participate from your usual workplace)

Purpose: To ensure the system is in a safe and reliable functioning condition

Can you help?

Please reply to Brittany Ginn ( indicating your willingness and ability to participate. More detailed information about the exercise will be sent out nearer to the drill.