The NWSA as received several complaints from neighboring business about illegally parked trucks and trailers in Tacoma. As a reminder the City of Tacoma has the following ordinance:

11.05.220 Parking of commercial trailers prohibited. No person, without permission from the Traffic Engineer, shall park within a public right-of-way any detached trailer, semitrailer, pole trailer, or any other trailer used for commercial purposes, unless such vehicle is being actively loaded or unloaded, and such act shall be punishable by a penalty in an amount of not less than $75.00. (Ord. 26336 § 7; passed Dec. 8, 1998: Ord. 25247 § 2; passed Dec. 22, 1992: Ord. 25208 § 3; passed Nov. 24, 1992: Ord. 24826 § 1; passed Jan. 29, 1991. Formerly 11.28.027)