2021 North Star Awards

Cargo Anchor Award Winner

Wallenius Wilhelmsen Industrial Tacoma

The Cargo Anchor Award is presented to an organization whose activities have grown cargo volumes in the NWSA gateway, spurring economic growth for the region. In 2021, Wallenius Wilhelmsen Industrial Tacoma was chosen for the award based on their machine throughput increase of 25% from 2019-2021 and successfully attracted high and heavy (H&H) imports and exports to the NWSA gateway. In 2021, Wallenius Wilhelmsen group vessels called Tacoma 65 times and carried nearly 50% more H&H cargo than 2020. Wallenius Wilhelmsen Industrial Tacoma (WWIT) is a full-service Equipment Processing center located in Tacoma that handles a variety of heavy construction, logging and agricultural equipment.

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Honorable Mention: Pacific Terminal Services Company

Environmental Stewardship Award

Cambell's Trucking

The Environmental Stewardship Award recognizes businesses that support the continued health of the environment while promoting trade and economic development. In 2020, Campbell's Trucking was selected for their investment in 100% renewable LNG to power their trucking fleet.

Campbell’s Trucking has privately funded their fleet conversion of diesel to RLNG, doubling the number of LNG-powered trucks in the past year. The 100% renewable RLNG fleet has allowed Campbell’s Trucking to reduce their carbon footprint by approximately 85%. Owners Shannon and Johnnie Campbell aim to provide their Pacific Northwest customers with a carbon footprint conscious drayage option with the ultimate goal of creating a drayage community with zero emissions.

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Environmental Stewardship Award Nominees